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Why you need friGate?


Extension improves and accelerates access to your favorite sites. friGate automatically determines the speed of access to the site, and if there is a problem with the speed of access, then this site includes a proxy that speeds up access and encrypts traffic.



Traffic encryption.

Improves access.

Accelerates access.

Changing IP.




For Users

  • extension determines the availability of the site and if access to the site is acceptable, then it is being accessed without proxy
  • We use our own dedicated proxy and perform load balancing between them in the expansion, eliminating faults in work – as often happens with public proxy

For Site Owners

  • helps visitors always have access to your site, even if it is temporarily unavailable
  • our proxy transmit real ip, it helps to take into account the users of the system statistics and firewalls
  • access to the site via a proxy only if your site is unavailable


friGate - browser-based extension for access to websites